Kamitribe NFTs

Kamitribe NFT Overview

Project Information

Kamitribe is a collection of 6,999 anime-themed avatars stored on the Ethereum blockchain. 

There are three factions within the Kamitribe; Saburo, Isamu, and Akihiro.

Saburo: Known to have exceptional strength and are on the frontlines of all battles. Their combat endurance cannot be matched.

Isamu: Very well known for the agility within battles and their cunning perception. When there is an ambush on an opposing tribe, it is safe to assume the Isamu organized it. 

Akihiro: The leaders of the Kamitribe. There are not many Akihiro known to exist making them the most valuable members within the tribe. They are best known for their superior intellect and their perception. 

Holders of a Kamitribe NFT are granted full rights to their NFT, meaning they can make derivatives and sell them or create merchandise based on their Kamitribe NFT. 

According to the team, there will be a playable MMORPG game for Kamitribe holders known as KamiOnline.