Kanpai Pandas Launches D-RIP Line, Bridges Physical and Digital

Kanpai Pandas Launches D-RIP Line, Bridges Physical and Digital
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Kanpai Pandas announced the launch of D+RIP, a new initiative that blends physical items with a digital brand experience. 

The Deets

  • The Offering: Physical items paired with a proof-of-ownership NFT
  • The Technology: NFC chips and QR codes, turning physical items into interactive experiences
  • The Platform: NFTs are minted on Polygon
  • Exclusivity: Limited edition items exclusively available for Panda holders

The Bulk

Kanpai Pandas is attempting to seamlessly marry the physical and digital worlds with its new D+RIP items. 

At the core of D+RIP's offering lies the concept of ownership. When customers purchase a D+RIP item, they not only receive the physical item, shipped for free, but also an NFT minted on Polygon and a matching trait usable on their Kanpai Panda NFT. 

How does it work? The products utilize NFC chips and QR codes to quickly enable a digital experience once the physical product is scanned. 

Adding to the exclusivity, D+RIP has designed these items as limited editions, available only to Panda holders. 

🎤 Founder Feedback

D+RIP bridges the gap between the physical & digital worlds. By incorporating NFC chips + QR codes we transform physical items into an interactive experience.Kanpai Pandas

🎬 Take Action

Kanpai Panda holders can view the Panda Marketplace to view a selection of D+RIP items. 

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