Kanpai Pandas Make Major Panda Ecosystem Announcement

Kanpai Pandas Make Major Panda Ecosystem Announcement
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Kanpai Labs announced the upcoming launch of its new PPDEX (Panda Points DEX) and Kanpai Casino as part of a major ecosystem upgrade. 

The Deets

The Kanpai Panda ecosystem upgrade outlines five foundational pieces to the future:

  • PPDEX: The Panda Points DEX provides Panda holders with an opportunity to put their Panda Points to use, like via Panda Bounties or Raffles. Panda Points are automatically accrued daily (with multipliers for rarities) for every Panda holder. The DEX will become the primary home for Panda owners to manage their Panda's assets. 
  • Panda Lab: The Panda Lab offers holders the ability to change the on-chain metadata for their Panda using Panda Points. Points can be used to add new custom traits. 
  • Kanpai Casino: The Kanpai Casino offers holders another unique way to utilize their Panda Points. The Kanpai Panda will offer chips for Panda Points on a 1:1 basis. Users will be able to play multi-player poker, a single-player casino, and sportsbook. 
  • Kanpai Gaming: Kanpai Gaming will offer a variety of mini-games in which holders can earn Panda Points or leaderboard prizes. Gaming is set to launch in Apr. 2023. 
  • Kanpai Events: Kanpai Events allows users to enter raffles for event tickets worldwide. To date, the Kanpai Pandas have already sent holders on trips to the World Series of Poker and beyond. 

❗Why It Matters

A project's obligation to reward its holders has been a hot topic in NFTs, most notably on the back of Poopie's comments that Doodles would not seek to please or make decisions for "financial speculators." With this major announcement, it appears Kanpai Pandas has joined the camp with Memeland and has decided its ALL about rewarding holders. The launch of PPDEX and Kanpai Casino provides a unique opportunity to both build community and provide rewards to holders in a way that is already native to the interests of the holder demographic. 

🔜 What’s Next?

The launch of the PPDEX and Kanpai Casino will take place on Mar. 30. Holders start acrruing Panda Points today. 

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