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Karafuru NFT is a collection of 5,555 generative "toys" on the Ethereum blockchain. Karafuru was created by Museum of Toys, a toy creator from Jakarta, and the roadmap includes physical toys connected to your NFT. Karafuru released and updated the roadmap to include: 3D Karafurus, real-life physical toys, and a "Karafuru Carnival" that will bring benefits to holders of the NFT. There are 95 Legendary animated Karafurus in the collection, each of which is a 1 of 1 unique toy. There are 12 different bases of varying rarity that the Karafuru's can be. Less than 10% of Karafurus include one of three companions as part of their NFT. 

In February 2022, Karafuru released an updated roadmap, including 3D Furus, real-life physical toys, and the Karafuru Carnival. 

Karafuru also announced a collaboration with HYPEBEAST and atmos to create the 3D Furus and real-life physical toys. 

On Mar. 16, 2022, Karafuru launched gachapons, which are redeemable for Karafuru 3D NFTs. The distribution of gachapons was as follows: 15,555 total gachapons, 5,555 gachapons for 5,555 Genesis Karafuru holders, 3,000 whitelist spots, and 7,000 gachapons for the public.

On Mar. 20, Karafuru announced its Karafuru Carnival, which took place on Mar. 25 to Apr. 3 in Batavia PIK, Jakarta, Indonesia.

News Feed

Karafuru announced via a tweet at 5:24 a.m. ET this morning that NFT holders should check their wallets.

The airdrop, which is under Furu Surprise on OpenSea, looks like a mystery box. There are two small, glowing eyes peeking out of an opening in the top of the box. 

Each NFT is called "Surprise, Surprise" and has a single trait: Surprise. Surprising, indeed.

The NFT collection has done more than eight ETH in total volume since it went live and the current floor price is 0.17 ETH. 

Karafuru Airdrops 'Furu Surprise' NFT to Holders Early This Morning

With Ethereum being down more than 35 percent over the last week, low-entry-cost NFTs are once again seeing a day filled with green with users taking advantage of the cheaper USD price of NFTs.

Below is a list of NFT collections under 1.0 ETH that has seen an increase in floor price of at least 20 percent over the last 24 hours according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

NFT Collection Floor Price Increase
Karafuru +37.00%
Boss Beauties +37.93%
On1 Force +24.17%
WonderPals +22.22%
Tiny Dinos +40.00%
Martian Premier League +22.22%
Low Entry Cost NFTs are Rallying Once Again

After a day filled with panic that saw Ethereum almost hit $1000 for the first time in more than a year and the floor of NFT collections cascading downwards, support looks to have been found for the time being.

Many collections below 1.0 ETH have seen a run today with panic looking to have subsided momentarily. 

Below is a list of NFT collections below 1.0 ETH that is up at least 20 percent today according to the Lucky Trader Project Rankings.

Collection Floor Increase
3Landers +31.29%
Killa Bears +33.20%
CryptoBatz +25.53%
Karafuru +22.50%
Deadfrens +20.20%
the littles  +25.97%
Not Okay Bears +34.13%



Lower Entry Cost NFTs Are Rallying Today

Karafuru is partnering with Studio Shoh Enterprise, an animation studio with production experience with movies like "Boss Baby: Back in Business" and "Mini Bow Toons," to help build out the Karafuru IP.

The animation studio is led by director Oh Seung-Hyun, who worked on the titles "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "The Boondocks." 

"You can expect a clear cut, consistent and in-depth storyline of Karafuru as an IP, and a lore expansion for each and every one of these 12 colorful characters that resides in the Playground," the project said in a Discord message Wednesday.


Karafuru Hires Animation Studio to Help Build Out IP

The Karafuru team announced via Discord that a recent airdrop circulating holders' NFT wallets is a scam.

The NFT appears to be a mint opportunity for an upcoming NFT project called Bully Apes. But Karafuru did not send it out.

"Some of you have seen an airdrop in your wallets, and it is a scam NFT," little.HED wrote on Discord. "Please do not interact with it and be careful."

The team also said they will never do a stealth launch and will never DM you.

New Karafuru Airdrop Is a Scam


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