Karafuru NFTs

Karafuru NFT Overview

Project Information

Karafuru NFT is a collection of 5,555 generative "toys" on the Ethereum blockchain. Karafuru was created by Museum of Toys, a toy creator from Jakarta, and the roadmap includes physical toys connected to your NFT. Karafuru released and updated the roadmap to include: 3D Karafurus, real-life physical toys, and a "Karafuru Carnival" that will bring benefits to holders of the NFT. There are 95 Legendary animated Karafurus in the collection, each of which is a 1 of 1 unique toy. There are 12 different bases of varying rarity that the Karafuru's can be. Less than 10% of Karafurus include one of three companions as part of their NFT. 

In February 2022, Karafuru released an updated roadmap, including 3D Furus, real-life physical toys, and the Karafuru Carnival. 

Karafuru also announced a collaboration with HYPEBEAST and atmos to create the 3D Furus and real-life physical toys. 

On Mar. 16, 2022, Karafuru launched gachapons, which are redeemable for Karafuru 3D NFTs. The distribution of gachapons was as follows: 15,555 total gachapons, 5,555 gachapons for 5,555 Genesis Karafuru holders, 3,000 whitelist spots, and 7,000 gachapons for the public.

On Mar. 20, Karafuru announced its Karafuru Carnival, which took place on Mar. 25 to Apr. 3 in Batavia PIK, Jakarta, Indonesia.