Karafuru Gachapon NFTs

Karafuru Gachapon NFT Overview

Project Information

The Karafuru 3D Collection consists of 15,555 high-end 3D avatars that ensure all of our Genesis Karafuru holders can be Metaverse ready. This collection is an expansion of the Karafuru collection. Each holder of a Karafuru NFT was able to claim one Karafuru Gachapon. 4,000 of the NFTs were sold in a Dutch Auction with a resting price of 0.475 ETH. The other 6,000 NFTs were available for WL wallets at 0.3325 ETH. The collection is expertly crafted through collaborations with highly-coveted Web2 titans such as HYPEBEAST and atmos, these partnerships encompass the aligned values that showcase the epitome of lifestyle culture, passion, and influence in both craftsmanship and branding.