Karafuru x HYPEBEAST x atmos NFTs

Karafuru x HYPEBEAST x atmos NFT Overview

Project Information

The Karafuru x HYPEBEAST x atmos 3D Karafuru collection consists of 5,466 high-end 3D avatars that ensure all Genesis Karafuru holders can be Metaverse ready. The project was co-developed with HYPEBEAST and atmos and brought the epitome of lifestyle culture, passion, and influence into the Web3 Metaverse.

Founded as a sneaker blog in 2005, HYPEBEAST is now a leading global platform in contemporary lifestyle and culture. HYPEBEAST uncovers the latest emerging trends in fashion, arts, design, luxury, sports, technology, and more, and creates an ecosystem for cultural discovery and connection. Founded by Hommyo Hidefumi in 2000, atmos has blossomed into a global streetwear and sneaker boutique known for steadily creating grails over the last two decades. 

All holders of the Karafuru 3D collection will receive a corresponding voxel and pixel counterpart-wrapped to their 3D token - such that our holders can immerse themselves in many different Metaverses as a proud member of the Furu family. The Karafuru team has already secured plots of land in existing Metaverses, including the Sandbox, Worldwide Webb, Otherdeeds, Arcade, and other future Metaverses that they will acquire. Holders will also gain access to exclusive real-life merchandise co-produced by Karafuru x HYPEBEAST x atmos. Furthermore, holders of the 3D Collaboration NFT can bring their 3D avatar to life by getting access to toymakers through a pairing with the Genesis Karafuru NFT.