Chubby Jiras Allowlist Giveaway for Karafuru Holders

Karafuru is giving away 70 allowlist spots for the upcoming Chubby Jiras mint.

To enter, go to the project's official Discord, navigate to the #giveaway channel, and click "Enter."

The giveaway will end on May 2 at 5:47 a.m. ET.

Karafuru NFT is a collection of 5,555 generative "toys" on the Ethereum blockchain. Karafuru was created by Museum of Toys, a toy creator from Jakarta, and the roadmap includes physical toys connected to your NFT. Karafuru released and updated the roadmap to include: 3D Karafurus, real-life physical toys, and a "Karafuru Carnival" that will bring benefits to holders of the NFT.
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