Kawaii Meta Collage NFTs

Kawaii Meta Collage

Project Information

Kawaii Meta Collage is a collection of 5,555 unique Kawaii Girl NFTs. This is the genesis collection for the project "Opera Meets Metaverse supported by Mitsubishi Estate".

Kawaii Meta Collage is a project led by the founder Ryoko Takei (@ryoryotan), a well-known Japanese opera singer with a strong business experience and MBA background.

The goal of the project is to create and run a virtual opera house in the Metaverse space which will be a hub for any form of artistic events.

Kawaii Meta Collage utilities include VIP access to IRL events (the first event will be held in Japan), an NFT airdrop for future NFT collection with Adobe, and VIP access to a Metaverse event.


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