Kibatsu Mecha NFTs

Kibatsu Mecha NFT Overview

Project Information

Kibatsu Mecha is a collection of 2,222 hand-drawn animated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain created by Jerry Liu. Jerry is based in the US and is an illustrator/designer whose specialty is in motion graphics. They have been featured by notable publications such as Kotaku, Hypebeat, Gizmodo, and Cartoon Brew. 

The Kibatsu Mechas are known as the genesis collection for the Kibatsu Corp. and will be an integral component to the backstory of the Megacity Kibatsu. 

The Kibatsu Mechas and their pilots live in the Megacity Kibatsu. In the city, they participate in battles inside the Ataki Arena, which is known as the city's most dangerous fighting stadium.