KILLABEARS Floor, Volume Up After Major Sale

KILLABEARS Floor, Volume Up After Major Sale
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KILLABEAR #1961, a cheetah fur, skull head KILLABEAR sold for 19.61 ETH (~$24,000) late last night on OpenSea, further spurning volume across the collection today. 

The project has been gaining steam lately amidst the unveiling of more details about its roadmap, which includes the launch of staking and KILLACUBS, a new NFT collection that will allow holders to "build a cub," similar in nature to the "Build-A-Bear" workshops in real life.  

KILLABEARS secondary action on OpenSea has increased more than 400 percent over the last week, and the project's floor price has increased to 2.20 ETH at the time of writing, a nearly 50 percent gain.

The volume and floor price movement is not isolated to just the original NFT either. KILLABITS, the companion collection, is up to a staggering 0.74 ETH floor price, a nearly 100 percent gain in the last seven days. 

Both KILLABEARS and KILLABITS traits will be usable in building a KILLACUB when the process unveils.





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