KILLABEARS Launch Cubryo Incubator

KILLABEARS Launch Cubryo Incubator
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The KILLACUBS Cubryo Incubator is now live, allowing users to evolve and customize their Cubryos through eight incubation phases.

The Deets:

  • 8 incubation phases (1 week per phase) for Cubryos
  • Cubryos can be customized with base traits and KILLATRAITS
  • Cubryos' evolution halts if removed from the Incubator
  • Optional BIT-BOOST for a larger base trait pool
  • KILLAGEAR can be transformed into KILLACUB traits

The Details

The Cubryo Incubator launched, allowing users to stake and evolve their Cubryos through eight incubation phases. Each phase lasts a week, and once a Cubryo reaches Phase 8, users can "lock in" the design or customize it using traits from the Base Trait Pool and KILLATRAITS collection.

Users can remove their Cubryos from the Incubator at any time, but doing so will halt the creature's evolution. Upon re-staking, the Cubryo will continue evolving from the phase where it stopped. During the first phase of incubation, users can choose to pair a KILLABIT with their staked Cubryo for a larger base trait pool and a higher chance of getting rarer traits.

❗️Why It Matters

The Cubryo Incubator launch marks the start of the journey to KILLACUBS, the companion to KILLABEARS NFTs. Interestingly, KILLABEARS has rolled out an approach similar to that of Yuga Labs' Trial of Jimmy The Monkey, which unfolded phase by phase, encouraging continued awareness and participation by holders throughout a multi-week journey. 

🎬 Take Action

Incubate your Cubryos now by visiting and stake them in the Incubator to begin their evolution journey.

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