KIWIE1001 NFT Overview

Project Information

The fifth collection of seven 1 of 1 evolving street artworks created by street artist KIWIE.

KIWIE is one of the first street artists in Latvia, who has based his artistic style on a multiform repetition of one specific image—Kiwie monster character, gaining recognition among artists not only in Latvia, but also abroad. KIWIE is mixing street art with a product, graphic, and fashion design in the bowl of contemporary art.

Each NFT is hand-painted somewhere around Bali island and is part of the mother project “KIWIE 1001” with the mission to paint 1001 real-life artworks in all 195 accessible countries around the world. In this collection, one of the eggs is a lucky one. Whoever accidentally will choose it, will receive the paid ETH [minus gas fees] back and can keep the NFT.