Knights of Degen NFTs

Knights of Degen NFT Overview

Project Information

Knights of Degen is a collection of 8,888 NFT degenerate gamblers that spend their days in the Degen Tavern sports bar wagering on anything and everything.  Each KoD is generated from over 188 possible traits, including body type, armor, weapon, and headwear.  Every Degen token holder receives exclusive access to Discord and community information such as daily sports betting tips and AMA participation alongside "major sports and cultural happenings."

The Degen team also created a community vault called "The King's Purse," which will be initially funded with 5% of mint sales, and then an ongoing 25% of royalties.  "The KoD community will vote on the acquisition of high-profile sports NFTs, such as NBA Top Shot Moments, ZED Run horses, virtual land, and other premium collectibles"( Future roadmap items include further expansion into the metaverse with the purchase of a parcel of land for the Degen Tavern in Decentraland

In October 2021, the Knights of Degen King's Purse purchased an expansion team from the fan-controlled football league. 

In February 2022, Knight of Degen revealed its roadmap 2.0, which featured the announcement of $DGEN token, metaverse-ready Knights, KoD media, new merch, and more.

Knights of Degen launched its Steedz collection, 4,444 horse NFTs, on Apr. 12, 2022. Pairing Steedz and Knights together unlocks special capabilities in the project's ecosystem, called the Kingdom.