How to Win Free Tickets to the Final Four

How to Win Free Tickets to the Final Four
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Participate and earn, that's the web3 way, right? 

The latest edition of participate and earn comes via Knights of Degen's, Degens Brackets, where March Madness meets web3. 

After building an innovative bracket solution last year, KoD is back this year with an upgrade to its March Madness product which mints brackets to the Polygon blockchain. Find the announcement here.

What Is Degen Brackets? 

Degen Brackets is a March Madness pool product that allows users to create brackets that are minted on the Polygon blockchain as NFTs. The Degen Bracket solution can be found inside the Knights of Degen mobile application, which is available in both the iOS and Google Play Stores

With Degen Brackets, users can create or join March Madness pools with a web3 twist, winning prizes like NFTs, $DGEN (the KoD ERC-20 token), and more. Notably, the Knights of Degen app will automatically creative a native wallet for new users, not requiring the use of a seed or secret recovery phrase and lowering the barrier to entry by removing onboarding friction. 

Each new wallet is automatically funded with 100 $DGEN, which can be used to enter in pools or other community events. Ready to fill out your bracket? Follow the steps below. Learn even more about the product here. 

How to Join a Degen Brackets Pool

This year, Knights of Degen is offering one lucky player tickets to the Final Four in Phoenix, Arizona in 2024. Below we'll show you how to join. 

1. Download the Knights of Degen Mobile App

Degen Brackets is hosted in the Knights of Degen mobile app. You can download it via the Apple App or Google Play Stores

2. Sign Up, Create a Degen Wallet

Signing up for the Knights of Degen app doesn't involve any complicated recovery phrases or technical competence. Instead, users can simply sign up with email and password at which point they'll automatically have a Degen wallet created for them and seeded with 100 $DGEN to start. Once your wallet is created, you can find your wallet address inside the settings tab of your user profile. Here you'll find your $DGEN balance. At present time, $DGEN is unable to be transferred. 




3. Join a Degen Tournament

After your wallet is funded and created, you can find Degen Tournaments by selecting the "Tournaments" icon at the bottom navigational bar. From here, select "Degen Tournaments" to find a list of available March Madness pools for entry. 

For each available tournament, the entry fee, prize pool, and total entrants are listed. 

After you've selected the tournament you wish to join, you can hit enter and join. 

3a. Create a Tournament

Don't see anything that interests you, or want to challenge your own friends? By hitting the "plus" button, you can quickly create your own Degen Tournament. Follow the prompts to create a league that fits the conditions you wish to play for! 

4. Fill Out Your Bracket

Upon joining a tournament you'll be able to choose to create a new bracket, or import an existing. 

For those creating their first bracket, select "Fill Out New Bracket" and begin making your way through each region and round until a champion and tiebreaker score are selected. 

In the event of a tie, the player with the total points closest to the actual total will be crowned champion. 

Degen Brackets uses a simple multiple scoring system, which rewards points on advancement at the following intervals:

  • Round of 64 winners = 1 point
  • Round of 32 winners = 2 points
  • Sweet Sixten winners = 4 points
  • Elite Eight winners = 8 points
  • Final Four winners = 16 points
  • National Championship winner = 32 points

After your bracket is completed and submitted you'll be entered into each respective tournament. All $DGEN amounts used to enter brackets will be refunded at the conclusion of the tournament as part of Knights of Degen's "Stake2Play" functionality. 

5. Follow Along

Once you're submitted, you can follow along and track your standings in the Knights of Degen app. Beyond the Final Four tickets to the winner, the prize pool will allocate 30,000 $DGEN to users as well. 

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Knights of Degen is not the only NFT community exploring March Madness. 

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