Knights of Degen Launches Community $DGEN Claim

Knights of Degen Launches Community $DGEN Claim
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Knights of Degen announced the launch of the ERC-20 token, $DGEN, and with it, the official community claim.

The Deets

  • $DGEN: The ERC-20 token native to the Knights of Degen ecosystem
  • Purpose: Serves as a utility and governance token enabling community participation
  • The Degen DAO: Facilitates decentralized community governance structure
  • Claim: Eligible holders can claim their tokens starting July 31, 2023 until Nov. 1. 

The Bulk

Knights of Degen is introducing a new dimension to its ecosystem with the launch of the ERC-20 token, $DGEN. The token is intended to act as a utility and governance token, creating a more interactive and participatory environment for the community.

This initiative, which leverages the power of decentralized finance (DeFi), is set to change the game for Knights of Degen. The introduction of $DGEN ushers in a decentralized community governance structure, the Degen DAO, giving the power of decision-making to the people. This structure will enable the ecosystem's participants to vote and shape the direction of $DGEN and its initiatives.

Moreover, $DGEN will act as the primary in-game token, powering various elements of the Knights of Degen's games, leagues, and tournaments. The introduction of $DGEN also aims to broaden the reach of the Knights of Degen ecosystem, inviting more members to participate and join the community.

The launching of $DGEN also has implications for the future growth of the ecosystem. New products, services, and experiences that enhance community engagement with the Knights of Degen and the KOD brand are on the horizon. The potential includes new games, contests, tournaments, and even physical merchandise, all decided and shaped by the Degen DAO.

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next?

With the introduction of $DGEN, the Knights of Degen community will look to further integrate the new token into its ecosystem. This includes the development of new products and services to improve community interaction and experience.

๐ŸŽฌ Take Action

If you were a Knights of Degen asset holder at the time of the snapshot on July 13, 2023, you are eligible to claim $DGEN tokens. Connect your wallet, check your eligibility, claim your tokens, and start participating in the Degen DAO proposals.

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