KoD Launches PropQuest Beta

KoD Launches PropQuest Beta
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Knights of Degen unveiled its PropQuest beta, an immersive daily player prop game, that offers sports fans worldwide a chance to prove their sports prediction prowess.

The Deets

  • Play from Any State or Country: Engage in thrilling sports predictions anytime, anywhere.
  • Gameplay: Daily quests involve picking over/under from player props with only one submission per day.
  • Game Changers: Use the power of Game Changer NFTs to unlock hidden advantages.
  • Leaderboard Domination: Showcase your prediction skills and top the leaderboard.

The Bulk

With PropQuest users partake in daily quests that form the crux of the gameplay. In a quest, players must pick over or under from a curated selection of player props. With only one submission allowed each day, every choice becomes a strategic move. But there's a twist! The gameplay is enhanced by mystical Game Changer NFTs. These ancient digital artifacts bestow the player with unique advantages, leveling up the gameplay.

And for those with an eye on bragging rights, topping the PropQuest leaderboard is the ultimate goal.

Moreover, early adopters have a treat waiting for them. Downloading the Knights of Degen app grants users access to the community beta and rewards them with a FREE 'Villager Sword' Game Changer NFT.

๐ŸŽฌ Take Action

To play PropQuest, make sure to download the Knights of Degen app in the Apple or Google Play Store. Those who download will receive a free Game Changer NFT for PropQuest. 

๐Ÿ”œ What's Next? 

Mark your calendars! An upcoming community marketing initiative is on the horizon, where PropQuest beta users can earn $DGEN by sharing their gameplay experiences on Twitter. Additionally, KoD will soon launch its own marketplace for the trading of Game Changer NFTs and more. 

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