Koonimals NFTs

Koonimals NFT Overview

Project Information

Koonimals is a collection of 5,555 reimagined designs of well-loved balloon animal characters that depict artist Ludwig Koons' modern vision.

Specializing first in reimagined designs of well-loved balloon animal characters, Ludwig Koons now focuses mainly on creating his own characters that depict his modern vision. As of recently, Ludwig is on his way to becoming an art mogul in the world of digital art and NFTs thanks to this premiere installment of a series of his own collections. Kooniverise represents his father, Jeff Koons’, artwork and proven success in high-end art galleries. Collectors from all over the world were already buying Koons’ physical work, and thanks to the NFT world, these collections are also available digitally.

The project's artist is Ludwig Koons, the son of world-famous artist Jeff Koons. The purpose of the collection is to create one of the most renowned museums in the metaverse. Koons’ goal is to collide the worlds of physical and digital art with his NFT collection. There will be 10 Legendary Koonimals where holders of them will receive a physical version 1/1 signed by Ludwig Koons himself.