Krapopolis Krap Chickens NFTs

Krapopolis Krap Chickens NFT Overview

Project Information

Krapopolis Krap Chickens is a collection of 10,420 ancient Greek chicken NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Krapopolis is a TV show created by the co-creator of "Rick and Morty", Dan Harmon, that first airs on FOX in 2023. Krap Chickens is the inaugural NFT offering of Dan Harmon's new show, featuring art produced by the same illustrators that created the television series. These inaugural Krap Chickens are prominently featured throughout the show.


Krapopolis Krap Chicken NFT holders are able to access token-gated content like exclusive behind-the-scenes clips and live watch parties. Additionally, holders have access to exclusive merchandise, television show voting rights, and meet-and-greets.