Kuddle Koalas NFTs

Kuddle Koalas NFT Overview

Project Information

Kuddle Koalas is a unique collection of 7,500 koala NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Each Koala is randomly generated featuring over 200 hand-drawn traits by @KuddleBeans.  The Kuddle Team prides itself on being more than just PFP, emphasizing utility and charity as main driving points.  Over 25% of all sales will be deposited into a community wallet that will benefits children in need, and the community funds will allow the team to make our future goals possible.  Using a portion of the community wallet, the team plans to purchase supplies such as blankets, canned goods, and clothes with full details to be decided by the community.  

Kuddle Koalas also interacts with their community by holding "Competition Weeks", where members of Kuddle Koalas can participate in events such as a logo or meme competition to boost community engagement and win prizes.