Kumo x World Residents NFTs

Kumo x World Residents NFT Overview

Project Information

Kumo x World Residents is a collection of 6,666 residents of the Kumo world. This is a world full of fun and adventures, where people can be themselves without being judged.

The artist and creator behind the project, Kumo, wanted to create a world where everyone who enters can feel at home and feel free to let out their inner child. There are 6 other team members who help Kumo with the tech development, storytelling, and lore.

Kumo World consists of Residents from 9 different classes, each with their own specialties and traits. Kumo World holds expeditions in their discord, similar to a text version RPG, where the story follows the explorers' actions. Residents have set challenges to overcome and with each challenge, they grow stronger as a team. The project's roadmap is extensive, with plans to create a children's book NFT, introduce a token that can be used to train and evolve your Kumo Resident, and ultimately create an entire Role Playing Game (RPG).