Lazy Lions Aims to Expand Brand With 'LAZY' Collectibles

Lazy Lions Aims to Expand Brand With 'LAZY' Collectibles
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In an effort to expand the brand to a wider audience, Lazy Lions has released "LAZY," a line of exclusive collectibles and merchandise. 

Each item in the LAZY collection is assigned an NFT to verify the items authenticity. These NFTs can be housed in a LAZY account, associated with the collectibles, or transferred to a self-custodial wallet. 

Series One of the LAZY collection holds nine items, including multiple hats and sweatshirts branded with the LAZY wordmark and the updated Lazy Lions logo. 

The first LAZY drop of Series One sold out in 90 minutes. The second is scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. ET.

You can view the drop items here. 


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