[ Ledger ] Market Genesis Pass NFTs

[ Ledger ] Market Genesis Pass NFT Overview

Project Information

[ Ledger ] Market Genesis Pass is a collection of 10,000 all-access pass NFTs to the Ledger NFT marketplace. In their attempt to build the safest NFT marketplace, Ledger Market allows users with Ledger hardware wallets to securely connect to the marketplace via Ledger Live and clear sign all transactions. Holders of the Ledger Market Genesis Pass NFT have preferred access to all Ledger Market collaborations with different artists and brands, along with art NFT airdrops from Ledger's Artist in Residence program. Additionally, holders receive privileged access to all brand new Ledger hardware devices. Genesis Pass NFT holders can claim a limited edition black-on-black Ledger Nano X, which will be exclusively made for Ledger Market Genesis Pass holders only.