Ledger Market Genesis Pass Holders Get Surprise Airdrop

Ledger Market Genesis Pass Holders Get Surprise Airdrop
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[ Ledger ] Market, a secure mint distribution platform built by the popular hardware wallet company, is airdropping NFT artworks to its Genesis Pass holders.

"[ LEDGER ] Market, the world’s first secure mint distribution platform, offers [the] first in a series of original art to its Genesis Pass holders, dropping their generative art collectible with Agoria," the press release email reads. "With eight years as trusted innovators in the space of digital assets, this marks the official launch of [ L ] Market’s Artist Program series, an integrated opportunity for artists to release NFTs with the hardware and safety of Ledger behind them."

The first in a series of original art comes from {agoria}, a biological generative art project, and Johan Lescure. The NFTs come together in an interactive way through the project's website l-ai.agoria.dev. The collection is called Agoria {Comp-nd} x [ L ] Market.

"With a great history built on tangible success, Ledger is dropping this innovative collection of generative art NFTs based on the existing piece {Compend-AI} 2022 SX #1 from Agoria in collaboration with Johan Lescure," the press release continues. "Driven by Agoria’s global imagery, and complemented by Lescure’s co-created algorithm, the result is a breathtaking combination of primordial patterns. This biological generative art is reminiscent of the origin of life. Breaking down the massive original piece, which is a whopping 20.2 ft × 10 ft at 300 DPI, {Compend-AI} 2022 SX #1 will be divided and minted into 10,082 512 px × 512 px NFTs to be airdropped on Tuesday, Nov. 22 to all [ L ] Market Genesis Pass holders, the work will effectively be spread across the Ledger ecosystem."

For more on Agoria and the concept of biological generative art, see this explainer thread.

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