Ledger Market Pass Snapshot Coming Oct. 26

Ledger Market Pass Snapshot Coming Oct. 26
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A snapshot for an airdropped work from electronic music producer and artist Agoria will take place Oct. 26 at 8 a.m. ET.

Addresses holding the Genesis Edition of Ledger Market Pass will receive an NFT "within 14 days" for each pass in their wallet. The work, called "{Compend-AI}", is a 72,704-by-36,352-pixel piece split into 10,082 squares and was made in collaboration with Johan Lescure.

"Once I've built the most personal dataset, the second part was to look for patterns or similarities with the Living. My friend Johan Lescure has then been essential here. We tricked the algorithms to reveal what the eye couldn't see inside those data materials. Insanely, we are revealing forms and patterns really close to the living," said Agoria, on the website.

Any Ledger passes placed in Sudoswap pools at the time of the snapshot will not receive an airdropped work.

Wallets that hold 16 or more Ledger passes will receive a "consolidated square or rectangle" of "adjacent pieces selected by Agoria."

The airdrop is free.

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