Legend Maps: Founder Maps NFTs

Legend Maps: Founder Maps NFT Overview

Project Information

Legend Maps is a unique collection of rogue-like dungeon crawler NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Legend Maps creates an opportunity for adventurers, scoundrels, occultists and the uncanny to seek fame, power & fortune by staking their claim to maps of infinite dungeons. Each Dungeon is randomly generated including differing interconnecting maps that define the layout, challenges and rewards types the adventurer will encounter, and the entrance to every Dungeon.  This makes each map unique, varying in name, biome, contents, and art, but ultra rare Founder Maps "may feature hand-crafted ‘special’ rooms with dramatic layouts, big rewards and deadly Dwellers" (legendmaps.io).   Every map ultimately connects to the rest of the dungeon through snaking hallways - some of which may be loaded with traps. 

The Founder Maps mint is the first release by the Legend Maps team.