Legends of Venari Alpha Pass NFTs

Legends of Venari Alpha Pass NFT Overview

Project Information

Legends of Venari Alpha Passes are a collection of 3,150 NFTs that give users access to play Legends of Venari, a creature collection role-playing game (RPG). Holders of an Alpha Pass get the opportunity to be the first to participate in the Legends of Venari Alpha season and catch Venari that will never be seen again. They will also be able to lend their passes to earn a percent on all Venari caught and earn additional base passes as well.

The Legends of Venari team has over 10 full-time members working on the game incuding several Full Stack Developers, 3D modelers, designers, and artists. The company is based in Delaware but has members all around the World. Jason, the founder, is a blockchain developer working with NFTs and smart contracts around Blockchain Gaming since early 2019 when he launched an NFT MMORPG. 

Each pass has an associated faction: Talaw, Azule, and Vestal, which all come with unique faction perks. An Alpha Pass will also be able to earn between 1-7 additional base passes with active gameplay.

The number of obtainable base passes is rolled on the mint of the Alpha Pass. In the Legends of Venari game, users will be able to use bait to attract Venari, rigs to catch Venari, gain gold and level up in order to travel through the world of Caerras. As users progress and catch more Venari, they will be able to purchase stronger baits and rigs in order to catch the rarest Venari.