Light Years by Dmitri Cherniak NFTs

Light Years by Dmitri Cherniak NFT Overview

Project Information

Light Years is a collection of 100 generative art NFTs created by esteemed digital artist Dmitri Cherniak on the Ethereum blockchain. With the help of Fellowship Trust, Dmitri Cherniak traveled around the world exploring the archives and learning about the history of the late Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. Laszlo Moholy-Nagy was a Hungarian modernist artist that embraced the new technologies of his time while championing the importance of adapting art to the times. Before minting one of the Light Years NFTs, mint passes were auctioned to the public via Dutch Auction. The lower the serial number of the mint passes, called "Selection Passes", the earlier a holder was able to choose and mint their preferred Light Years NFT from the 100-piece collection.