Lil Heroes NFTs

Lil Heroes NFT Overview

Project Information

Lil Heroes is a collection of 7,777 avatars stored on the Ethereum blockchain by the known artist Edgar Plans. Edgar has had multiple pieces featuring the Lil Heroes sale for well over $100,000. When asked about the story of Lil Heroes, Edgar and the team had this to say "Innocent as they may seem, his minimalist mouse-eared subjects are a vessel to raise awareness on heavy, socio-political issues such as gender violence, racism, and climate change. His signature character, Artist Hero, represents the youth’s reckless, playful and bold way of living that plans never gave up on." Utilities that will come with the token are as follows but are not limited to tokenization of Edgar's physical piece for a foundation, an animation series featuring Lil Heroes, show premier tickets airdropped to holders, and Lil Heroes in the metaverse.