Lil Nouns NFTs

Lil Nouns NFT Overview

Project Information

Lil Nouns is a project fork of Nouns DAO on the Ethereum blockchain. Lil Nouns is a generative, 32x32 pixel character NFT that generates once every fifteen minutes. Each Lil Noun NFT is auctioned every fifteen minutes for the rest of time. Once an auction ends, the Lil Noun contract sends the winning bidder their Lil Noun NFT, generates a new Lil Noun NFT, and automatically starts the next auction. The Lil Nouns DAO receives 100% of all proceeds from every auctioned Lil Noun. The Lil Nouns DAO is the governing body of the overall Lil Nouns ecosystem and is essentially run by every single Lil Nouns NFT holder as they all vote on any governing issues.