Little Lemon Friends  NFTs

Little Lemon Friends NFT Overview

Project Information

Little Lemon Friends is a collection of 9,999 cartoon avatars on the Ethereum blockchain by artist Sonirious. Since the launch of the project they have wasted no time making plenty of connections in the NFT world, creator of Cool Cats, Clon immediately bought into the project at release and made sure to snag a token with the "blue cat" trait which paid homage to Clon's creation "Blue Cat."

Since this, the two projects partnered together more formally to give away 200 Cool Pets presale spots. The team has also made a connection with another upcoming NFT project called Wonderpals but the details of the partnership are still unknown.

In terms of utility, holders of Little Lemon Friend NFTs all receive 3D voxels of their token to be used in the metaverse. Token holders will also be able to claim a Pixel Lemon of their NFT for free + gas.

The team has stated they will be building their avatars on top of existing metaverses such as Sandbox and Decentraland instead of attempting to build their own. Additionally, the team has promised to reinvest 60% of the ETH they receive from the main sale back into the project.

In February 2022, Little Lemon Friends released its Pixel Lemons in partnership with thedudes. Pixel Lemons add onto the original Little Lemon Friends NFT, making it interactive and able to switch back and forth between each version. 

In March 2022, Little Lemon Friends released its gourmet popcorn line, including two exclusive flavors: Poppin' Pink Lemonade and Poppin' Smokey Limoncello. This was a holders-only exclusive drop.