Lofi Guy NFTs

Lofi Guy NFT Overview

Project Information

A Collection of 100+ Lofi Guy NFTs. Each Lofi Guy may have different numbers of editions available ranging from 5/5, 8/8, 10/10, & so on with a total supply of 100+. Lofi Guy is an on going collectible art & music project by artist Cody A Banks and music producer L.Dre. It consists of unique animations of the Lofi Guy character perfectly synced with original lofi hip hop instrumentals. 

Artist Coda A Banks is an illustrator/animator with his own unique style of design. The son of a musician, he has a deep interest in not just listening to music, but the process of creating new music as well. A strong believer that "less is more", Cody combines his minimalistic design style with corresponding music to create unique pieces of art.

Music producer L.Dre is an emerging producer currently making his mark on the global music scene. His style fuses soft lo-fi melodies with swinging boom bap rhythms to create something smooth, chill and easy to listen to. Most notably, he went viral with his dreamy lo-fi rework of the Steven Universe theme song.