L.O Community NFTs

L.O Community NFT Overview

Project Information

L.O is a collection of 5,555 Unique animated NFT’s each with its own rarity and overlaid with LOFI beats produced and curated from the ground up. 

The L.O team was formed in the streets of Melbourne Australia. They are friends who all attended the same high school and are all now in their mid 30’s. Each member of the team has successfully ventured down their entrepreneurial route and now come together with their talents to make a unique NFT project.

L.O wants to merge the NFT/Music/Clothing/Art world into one and showcase the unique ability to create a brand behind the NFT capabilities. 
L.O doesn’t believe in “merch” and instead is building a premium ethical brand manufactured in Australia to the world. The concept behind the art is around that Lo-fi chill hop scene, and they’re trying to encapsulate that feel in the NFT. The team believes in being transparent and supporting communities the right way. They aim to launch an NFT with the right community involved and showcase the ability to bring the NFT art to life. They also want to create a premium brand launchpad for future collection drops in which collaborations will be made and brand collaborations as part of the art.