Look Labs 420 Buds NFTs

Look Labs 420 Buds NFT Overview

Project Information

420.game is a P2E weed game powered by the $HIGH ERC20 token and an initial supply of 20,000 Gen0 Buds. The main objective of Season 1 is to own a shop, in addition to creating Gen1 strains with the highest possible THC percentage and stake them to accumulate $HIGH. The greater the THC content of the bud, the greater the corresponding $HIGH yield.

The two main developers Green Genie (Jordan) and blizzard067 (Anthony) and 30 years of coding experience combined. There are several other team members that include designers, project management, artists, legal, and front end devs.

Gen0 Buds are used to breed and stake in 420.game. These buds can be staked in 420.game to yield the in-game utility token, "$HIGH". The utility of the token is purely within the 420.game ecosystem. The Gen0 bud is the very first obtainable strain. Holders of a Green Pass will be able to mint one Gen0 bud for FREE, and up to one additional bud. IN-GAME ITEMS such as shops, land plots, hoodies, and rolling papers can be staked to yield $HIGH and each one comes with specific in-game utility.