Uncut Gems: LooksRare Raffle Edition

Uncut Gems: LooksRare Raffle Edition
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LooksRare announced LooksRare Raffles, a chance to win a big prize while risking very little.

The Deets

  • Low entry costs and high-value prizes
  • The prize pool is filled with NFTs and LOOKS tokens
  • Fixed amount of entries for sale
  • The top prize every day for the next week will be a BAYC NFT

The Details

How does it work? "Like every other lottery you’ve ever taken part in." Those interested can grab as many entries as they want (up to a maximum limit that LooksRare sets, to keep things balanced). Once the minimum threshold of entries is reached, the smart contract picks the winners.

On day one, there are five Azukis up for grabs and 100 bundles of 1,000 LOOKS. And for just 0.01 ETH, you could potentially take home a BAYC worth 5,000 times that.

Raffles are random, but LooksRare invites users to check out the contract here as well as the Peckshield audit.

❗ Why It Matters

Yes, LooksRare is still alive and well, and they even launched a mobile app less than a week ago. This development is of a different nature, though.

LooksRare appears to be taking a page out of MetaWin's entry system, inviting gamblers to take a seat in the LooksRare casino.

Interestingly, at least two of the apes pictured in the LooksRare raffle banner, #872 and #5152, are owned by legendary NFT investor dingaling (@dingalingts). The fire Azuki #5010 and the Spirit Azuki #9914 as well. Dingaling was LooksRare's first investor, and the potential involvement of NFTs from his collection is an intriguing subplot.

🎤 Founder Feedback

The raffles will begin tomorrow apparently.

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