Lost Miners of the Ether NFTs

Lost Miners of the Ether

Project Information

Lost Miners of the Ether is a collection of 10,000 pixelated miners created by Blokpax on the Ethereum blockchain. Blokpax is a Web3 native collectible company that created gamified "pack ripping" experiences on the blockchain. According to Blokpax, the Lost Miners of the Ether collection is the "indisputable final NFT collection" on the Ethereum Proof of Work network. The smart contract which created the collection was the final smart contract deployed on Ethereum Proof of Work before transitioning to Proof of Stake. In the same transaction as the contract deployment, Blokpax minted all 10,000 Lost Miners and immediately staked them. To claim a Lost Miners of the Ether NFT, a Lost Miners Claim Pass NFT had to be burned.



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