LostPoets NFTs

LostPoets NFT Overview

Project Information

Lost Poets is an NFT collectible and a strategy game. The AI-generated NFT collection includes 65,536 obtainable NFTs and 1,024 Origin NFTs. Origins are manipulated by 256 different latent genes, giving every Poet individuality, value, and meaning. 

The project was created by Murat Pak, a top selling NFT artist credited for having introduced Beeple to NFTs. He is also the creator of the popular social media account "Archillect."

Collectors of Lost Poets will be able to give their Poets names and create their own tales. Two Origin Poets will be randomly dropped to collectors every day for 365 days. During these drops, each Origin Poet will only be able to access its own latents. In other words, every day, holders have a chance to win the Origin tokens for all of their Poets.

The game states that there will be a "Twist" stage of the game where a new mechanism is introduced that will alter the collection's value structure.