Lost Souls Sanctuary NFTs

Lost Souls Sanctuary NFT Overview

Project Information

A Collection of 9,999 Lost Souls Sanctuary NFTs. Generatively unique NFTs known as Lost Souls minted as ERC-721 Assets to the Sanctuary.

Lost Souls are the artistic creation of Clarissa and brought to fruition by Lost Labs LLC. Clarissa is a full-time Biology student and self-taught traditional and digital artist with a passion for gifting Lost Souls physical appearances that express the spirit of their previous lives.

Souls do two mutually inclusive things: 1. Allows holder to acquire land and 2. Gets holders a Soul Pass. It also is the first eAsset in the Ectoverse. 2 Lost Souls NFTs = 1 Soul Pass. Soul Passes give the ability to mint 1 ghoul OR ability to mint merch. Holding a Soul pass along with minted Souls result in greater rewards. The Ectoverse ecosystem contains four main parts: the Ectoverse, marketplace, treasury, and governance.