Loveless City Metropass NFTs

Loveless City Metropass NFT Overview

Project Information

A Collection of 3,333 Loveless City Metropass NFTs. The artist, Tennessee Loveless, is an American Pop-Op and Urban Folk artist known for his vibrant geometric landscapes and colorful storytelling. Tennessee has previously done work for Google, Sony, Casio, Apple, and many other major brands. He also was commissioned by Disney to create the 10x10x10 series, which featured various works focusing on the iconic Disney character Mickey Mouse.

The Loveless City MetroPass holders will enjoy a variety of utilities and opportunities, including the daily yield of the $LOVE token! $LOVE can be used in an attempt to upgrade Metropasses. $LOVE used in the process is burnt regardless of whether the upgrade attempt succeeded or failed. The project will have NFT drops that will only be available for redemption with $LOVE for both Metropass holders AND the public. These will be lower supply drops of new and exclusive NFTs from Loveless City and partner projects. Other utility of $LOVE includes the ability to use it to purchase merch and raffle NFTs.