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Lucky Ducky Teases Eggs
Staff Writer

Lucky Ducky, a claymation project created by stop motion director Jeremy Fisher, teased an upcoming announcement in a recent tweet.

The tweet features a video of an egg hatching into "7/7" with the caption "what the duck is up with eggs?" 

While the details are still unclear, it looks as if "7/7" symbolizes July 7, so users should be on the lookout tomorrow for any updates from the team regarding the eggs. 



Lucky Ducky Teases Eggs
Lucky Ducky Shares Community Updates
Logan Hitchcock

Lucky Ducky, a claymation NFT project featuring 7,777 ducks, announced a handful of updates and roadmap progress points in its most recent Town Hall. 

Bucketed into three separate categories, the updates contain details about improvements in the community, operations, and art.

While the project has been working to improve community engagement with more events and an NFT NYC plan, the most notable updates come in the latter two categories. 

In operations, the project was able to add a handful of team members and began the process of working with lawyers for incorporation.

Finally in art, the Lucky Ducky team shared that it has begun the process of using its IP in pitches and meetings with animation studios. 

To learn more about the project, watch our interview with project creator Jeremy Fisher. 



Lucky Ducky Shares Community Updates