Mad Ape Tournament NFTs

Mad Ape Tournament NFT Overview

Project Information

Mad Ape Tournament is a collection of 10,000 digital art pieces designed to compete in a competitive RPG game where players attempt to dethrone the Mad Ape King and become the new king.

Only Mad Ape Tournament NFT holders will be eligible to enter the tournament and play the game.

The tournament is a PvE ladder, where players compete to beat an NPC boss at each level. Bosses have a chance of dropping loot.

Each Mad Ape Tournament NFT has a set of properties, including health, mana, vitality, strength, dexterity, intelligence, attack, defense, and magic. Loot can be used to boost these properties or sold to other players.

The final boss is the Mad Ape King. The first person to defeat the Mad Ape King becomes the Mad Ape King, and the tournament starts over.

There will be progressive tournament prize pools, paid to the winners in ETH.

The team consists of two founders: RoMN and ARTIRES.