MaisonFaceless NFTs

MaisonFaceless NFT Overview

Project Information

MaisonFaceless are a collection of 2,345 unique NFTs inspired with retro-futuristic references that create the first Haute Couture collection in the Metaverse. The 2,345 NFT collection is called FW 21/22.

The founder of MaisonFaceless goes by FACELESS #0 and is a Haute couture enthusiast. The three other members of the team are made up of a dev, a marketer, and 3D designer.

Owners of an NFT will be able to receive real-life, handmade, and tailored haute couture piece of the Faceless they own. Faceless plans to partner with one of the best designer schools or with one of the best French Atelier de Couture. For their summer 2022 collection the team plans to announce collaborations with high end luxury brands. Holders will also be selected to attend fashion shows in real life around the world.