Master 9 Eyes NFTs

Master 9 Eyes NFT Overview

Project Information

Master 9 Eyes are 9 sets of 999 generative M9E collectables. The project is the digital collection of M9E, a famous designer toy, designed by Daytoner and produced by Purearts. The team has previously worked with entertainment brands such as Cyberpunk2077, Assassin’s Creed, Terminator, The Witcher3, Resident Evil and more.

Each collection has one characteristic digital driven theme. There will be certain continuous elements running through all 9 collections to connect them with one another. Sets one and two are open for members of the whitelist and will have a mint price of .09. The following seven sets are open to the public for a mint price of .19. The success of the NFT could lead to new unique physical M9Es in the future.