Matr1x 2061 NFTs

Matr1x 2061 NFT Overview

Project Information

Matr1x 2061 is a collection of 2,061 cyberpunk character NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection was created by Matr1x FIRE, the self-proclaimed first mobile shooting game in the metaverse. The Matr1x 2061 collection features characters from the five different races in the Matr1x metaverse - Human, Cyborg, Martian, Oni, and Meta. Holders are able to obtain Matr1x FIRE Game Test Passes that allow them to beta test the game before the public launch. Additionally, holders receive priority access to future airdrops and releases, the Matr1x FIRE Genesis NFT collection, and more from the Matr1x FIRE universe.