Yuga Labs 'Turns On' Meebits, Hints At Roadmap

Yuga Labs 'Turns On' Meebits, Hints At Roadmap
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The Yuga Labs team is "turning on" Meebits, according to a tweet from the team this morning and an accompanying blog post from Danny Greene.

The team teased "What does this ON button do?" back in July, and now we have the first update. Meebits can be activated via the new activation website, as the first step in their journey into the interoperable metaverse.

The new website features an ON switch, and when clicked plays techno music from Warp Sound and features a dancing Meebit character. In the left corner, users can see this is labeled Meebit 1.1 "unlocked", with Meebits 1.2-2.0 all "locked," indicating there is more to come. There will be 9 more releases, which will include experiences, activations, and/or opportunities.

Meebits holders can connect their wallets to view their own personal Meebits unlocked and dancing to Warp Sound techno.

"Meebits were designed as 3D characters, but like an unused toy, they've been stuck in the box, gathering dust for too long," Danny Greene, Meebits Brand Lead, says in the blog post. "It’s time for them to break out, come to life, and start exploring the world around them." 

Each holder will also receive a 1-of-1 physical print of their Meebit, along with a Certificate of Authenticity. Holders have just two weeks from today (Nov. 3) to order the print, with the price of the cost of shipping. For users who miss the deadline, there will be a mechanism to download the image for use on social media.

The team has set up a claim checker, and anyone purchasing a Meebit in this next two-week window is encouraged to verify if the print has been claimed before buying (if relevant to them).

Meebits have seen 22 ETH in trading volume in the past 15 minutes since the news, but the floor is even at 3.4 ETH (on Blur).


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