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Meemo's World NFT Overview

Project Information

Meemo's World is a unique collection of NFTs with mental health application that live on the Ethereum blockchain.  Each Meemo is a companion that goes along with you on the project's journey to create a supportive and resourceful platform for mental health education and discourse. 

Creator's of the project, Onogiri and Dekz, have been building a gamified cognitive behavioural therapy application centred around creating a fun and sustainable way to take care of your mental health for the last year.  They were finalists in the "Young Innovator’s Competition for a large Youth Mental Health Organisation based on a prototype of the Meemo app" (Medium).  Upon sell out, Meemo's World plans to donate $100,000 USD to mental health research specifically in the field of online mental health treatments with the remainder of funds will go towards the team and our community wallet to fund community-focused initiatives.