MegaPunks NFTs

MegaPunks NFT Overview

Project Information

MegaPunks is a collection of 10,000 multi-chain pixelated character NFTs created by MegaPont. MegaPont is a collection of builders focused on creating innovative experiences on the blockchain. Following the rise of Bitcoin Ordinals, MegaPont created the MegaPunks NFT collection which was initially minted on the Ethereum blockchain, but subsequently inscribed each NFT on the Bitcoin blockchain, too. Holders of a MegaPunks Ethereum NFT can choose to have their MegaPunks Ordinal counterpart sent to a specified Bitcoin wallet, or have their Ordinal sent to an Emblem Vault. After March 6, 2023, every Ethereum MegaPunk will be untradeable and holders will be sent the Ordinal version of their MegaPunk.