Meka Ape Club NFTs

Meka Ape Club NFT Overview

Project Information

The Meka Ape Club is a collection of 10,000 futuristic-style ape avatar NFTs. Ownership will grant Meka Ape holders with exclusive access to the Meka Ape P2E game. The Meka Apes are split into five factions, the Talerians, Ezelians, Sarkhanis, Lazarians, and Atamyrs. Each faction has its own backstory, art style, and role in the Meka Ape Metaverse.

The game will follow the storyline of the five factions, having left and now returning to Earth, in their quest to find the Beryllium resources remaining on a destroyed planet. Upon return, the Meka Apes discover Unknown Creatures are rampant and causing havoc on the planet, and it is up to the five factions to stop these creatures as part of fulfilling their Beryllium quest.