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Memebank is an art project created by Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi creating banknotes with meme characters and crypto-related Easter eggs to critique our current financial systems. The six meme banknotes being auctioned are inspired by the Chinese Yuan, US Dollar, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Singapore Dollar, and Malaysian Ringgit. The idea of Memebank is to highlight the concern of central banks continually printing fiat money which leads to inflation.

Red Hong Yi was inspired by the use of NFTs to confirm proof of ownership of physical pieces of art and therefore ach winner of one of the 1 of 1 NFTs will also receive a physical copper plate of the banknote and 1 of 1 canvas print of the artwork signed by the artist herself. All six copper plates and their canvas prints will be on exhibit at the Memebank headquarters in Kuala Lumpur from January 21-23 2022. Along with the physical gallery, there will be a virtual exhibit available to view during the same timeframe on Memebank's website.

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