Meta Cats NFTs

Meta Cats NFT Overview

Project Information

Meta Cats is a collection of 10,000 cat avatars that act as the entry token into the Meta Cats universe.

Holders will own full IP rights to their tokens and also be entitled to the ability to sell goods on the team's metaverse platform.

More benefits will come based on how many of each cat type holders have.

For owning one cat, holders will get a "Special Limited Edition Goods Lottery Ticket" as well as other event tickets.

For owning one nuclear butler family, which is at least one of each of the 14 cat breeds, holders will receive a MetaCat World membership and free special edition goods.

For owning a big butler family, which is three cats of each species along with each of the three tail traits on the tokens, holders will receive a free adoption of a baby meta cat along with MetaCat Universe governance voting rights and priority purchase rights of Generation 2 cats.

For owning 100 cats, holders will be airdropped 30,000 KKanbu club coins per month along with a free airdrop from Generation 2.

Owning 200 cats will entitle owners to a claim of one legendary Meta Cat token.

For owning 500 cats, holders will be known as the Presidential Cat and be entitled to utilities such as their own private lounge within the metaverse and the ability to claim three legendary Meta Cat tokens.