Meta Legends  NFTs

Meta Legends NFT Overview

Project Information

Meta Legends is a collection of 12,345 meta avatars that will be used in Meta-Life Metaverse.

The project is also building Meta-Connect, which will allow holders to locate one another and store their NFTs.

Artist Maxime Hacquard is the designer of the tokens and the project is advised by Quentin Rivera.

There will be seven levels of tokens: Celestials, Burners, Roboters, Goldbois, Matrix Angels, Cybers, and Roughs.

Tokens are sorted based on a power scale. The higher the token, the more power in the Meta-Life Metaverse. 

The goal of the project is to build a functioning metaverse that will allow holders to use their tokens in P2E games as well as help govern a community-led DAO. In the Meta-Life users can own land, houses, and vehicles, as well.